Here are some of the common questions that we have been asked.

FoodPlant / Facilities

Is FoodPlant the first shared facility for small-batch production in Singapore?


We are one of the first companies in Singapore to provide a shared facility for small-batch production and testing.

What is FoodPlant’s value proposition? 


There is a current gap in the market pertaining to the availability of food processing equipment for small-batch production at a pay-per-use basis. The current options that are available in the market for companies to test the viability of their food products either result in high upfront costs or require minimum order quantity.

We hope to bridge this gap for local food players of all levels - startups, SMEs, and MNCs alike, by providing upstream and downstream support for small-batch production and testing.

How can FoodPlant support me? 


FoodPlant enables local food players to test, develop, and scale the rollout of new food products, post-R&D. By working with us, you will gain access to our industry expertise, specialised equipment, as well as a suite of training courses to deepen the technical capabilities and skills of your company.

Food Products & Manufacturing Services

Who can I talk to about my project or idea? 


You may reach out to us at hello@foodplant.com.sg. We will arrange an initial discussion to understand your idea and its requirements. During our project engagement phase, we will ascertain how our facility’s resources can meet your food innovation needs.

What food products can I process with FoodPlant? 


You will be able to process a wide range of food products with us, including but not limited to extruded meat analogues, sauces, pastes, beverages, UHT, retorted, freeze dried and spray dried products.

Can FoodPlant manufacture a food product for me on a contractual basis? 


Our food production space and equipment are available on a pay-per-use basis. Food companies can manufacture the food products with the support of our technologists.

What is the cost for engaging FoodPlant’s services?


A quotation will be provided based on the scope of your project. We take into account the equipment and room usage, duration, and manpower, amongst other items.

Will I be able to sell the food products that I manufacture at FoodPlant?


Our shared production facility is designed in compliance with requirements set out by the Singapore Food Agency for food establishments. This allows products produced at our facility to be commercialised.

If you intend to produce food products for commercial purposes, we will run the necessary food safety assessment to help you meet food safety requirements.

Can I export the food produced in FoodPlant?


Yes, you may do so, subject to your food product meeting the entry requirements of the destination country/region.

You will need to obtain the necessary pre-approval and export documents and can find this information on the website of the relevant food authority of the destination country/region, as well as from your importer.

Certifications and Intellectual Property

Is FoodPlant halal certified?


While our facility is not Halal/Kosher certified, we prohibit the manufacturing of pork and alcohol products. In addition, we instil Good Manufacturing Practices, control cross-contamination, and ensure proper cleaning and storage. Customers are required to declare Halal/Kosher certifications of high-risk raw materials/ingredients that they bring into the facility.

If you intend to obtain Halal/Kosher certification for your products, you may explore our services to refine your products and test their market viability before scaling up with a Halal/Kosher certified manufacturer.

I am concerned about confidentiality and intellectual property (IP) rights. 

How does FoodPlant address these areas? 


Fundamentally, confidentiality and IP rights are addressed in our contracts. Our team will be happy to discuss if you need further clarifications on this issue.