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We offer training to deepen your food technology capabilities and adopt advanced food processing technologies.

These invaluable hands-on sessions are designed to empower you with the know-how in conventional processing as well as emerging technologies, including retort and spray drying, high moisture meat analogue extrusion and pulsed electric field technology.

In addition, our training sessions also cover food safety and regulations.

Should you require a customised course to fit your company’s learning needs, we will be happy to discuss it further with you.

Our Courses

Masterclass on Retort Technology

Duration: 3 days

Retort processing is a critical process in the food industry for preserving food products. This masterclass will cover the entire retort process, from theoretical aspects to practical issues such as packaging considerations. Participants will have the opportunity to see the retort machine in action and how it works, and experience firsthand processing conditions that enhance the quality of the finished product.

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Retort Technology Masterclass:
What Our Clients Say

  • background

    After attending the course, we understood how retort can be used to enhance our products and even introduce new lines of products.

    This will help us increase our market share.

    JR Foods Pte Ltd
    Tony Chng
  • background

    I would highly recommend this wonderful and fun class to any food manufacturer keen on retorting their products for longer shelf-life.

    Protein Plus Group Pte Ltd
    Pearlyn Wee
    Project Manager
  • background

    A true masterclass conducted by a Professor. I thoroughly enjoyed the clear and concise content of the programme, coupled with the practical hands-on training.

    A Masterclass not to be missed by professionals in the food manufacturing industry.

    Chung Hwa Food Industries Pte Ltd
    Lin Hao Lun
    Assistant Manager
  • background

    This masterclass workshop on retort technology is a must-attend for business owners and management in the food industry.

    Fish Soup Paradise Pte Ltd
    Jerry Wu
  • background

    The masterclass has provided the knowledge and confidence for me to embark on the journey to retort my products.

    Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant Pte Ltd
    Chong Kuo Shiong
    Business Development
  • background

    I’m highly impressed with the retort technology masterclass. The FoodPlant team were very generous in sharing their knowledge from A to Z.

    I have gained valuable knowledge and generated new ideas. This learning experience has been beneficial for our business.

    Dian Xiao Er Group Pte Ltd
    Lwi Zhi Ping
    Executive Director

Masterclass on Food Extrusion for High Moisture and Low Moisture Products

Duration: 3 days

Extrusion technology offers great potential for producing a wide range of meat analogue products from various plant protein sources, such as wheat gluten, soy, and pea proteins. This masterclass will focus on the specific challenges and opportunities of extruding high moisture and low moisture products.

Specially tailored for industry practitioners, our experiential learning programme incorporates short lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practical sessions. Participants will learn about the latest extrusion technologies and techniques, as well as how to optimise extrusion processes for different product types.

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Food Extrusion Masterclass:
What Our Clients Say

  • background

    The trainer has extensive knowledge based on her industry experience. The practical training was insightful and enhanced the learning experience.

    They provided practical suggestions for real-world applications.

    Wholesome Savour Pte Ltd
    Low Jing Wen
    Food Technologist
  • background

    This is a good course to acquire a basic understanding of high-moisture meat analogues production. The trainers are friendly and knowledgeable about the subject.

    They are able to answer all our questions.

    Fuji Oil Asia Pte Ltd
    Alan Foo
    R&D Director
  • background

    Learn the science of the future of food production behind the extrusion machine.

    International Flavours & Fragrances
    San Cuaca
    Senior Designer
  • background

    The Masterclass on High Moisture Extrusion was an eye opener. Every detail was explained, and the hands-on work levelled up the learning experience.

    The FoodPlant team generously share their know-how and experience. It’s exciting to see technologies being applied to the food industry.

    WhatIF Foods & Ingredients Pte Ltd
    Nurul Asyiqin Diyanah
    Application Specialist
  • background

    This course has been a very effective crash course, especially when I have no prior knowledge.

    The trainers are very approachable, knowledgeable and open about sharing their know-how and experience. It was a pleasant learning experience.

    Takasago International (S) Pte Ltd
    Cher Li Hui
  • background

    Good balance between theoretical know-how and actual application, suitable for complete beginners.

    The tips and tricks can save a lot of time and materials that would have otherwise been wasted in the initial learning curve.

    Nestle R&D Center Pte Ltd
    Andrea Koo
    Food Scientist
  • background

    As a chef attending this course, I now have a better understanding of how to use extruded ingredients.

    I can now apply different configurations to achieve the end products, which I can then use in my projects. Thank you!

    JR Foods Pte Ltd
    Mark Ho
    R&D Chef
  • background

    Prof Lim and the FoodPlant team have been very generous in their sharing of knowledge to guide us in refining our processes and product innovation efforts.

    I have gained so much in my professional development every time I step into FoodPlant.

    Protein Plus Group Pte Ltd
    Grace Wong
    Strategy & Partnerships Manager

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