General Processing Room

Outfitted with steam jacketed cookers, this room caters for a breadth of potential food products such as pastes, sauces, soups, jams, salsas, and processed cheeses, amongst others, from mixing and chopping, emulsifying and vacuum deaeration to heating and cooling.



Multi-Function Jacketed Cooker



  • Capacity: 300 L
  • Operate using steam jacket or with direct steam injection
  • Option for vacuum cooling
  • Fitted with a 3-blade agitator with sharp or blunt edges and a scraper

Multi Mill



  • Capacity: 200 L
  • Up to 140 kg/h
  • Interchangeable mill attachments for different applications
Photo of Jacketed Mixing Tank

Jacketed Mixing Tank



  • Capacity: 200 L Fitted with a propeller agitator
  • Mixing capability: Up to 580 rpm
  • Indirect heating or cooling with temperature control system to regulate product temperature
Photo of Inline High Shear Mixer

In-line High Shear Mixer



  • Drive speed: Up to 3600 rpm
  • Interchangeable workheads for different applications
  • Coupled with a 40 L hopper to ease tipping of ingredients and speed up dispersion of powder in liquid

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