Non-Thermal Processing Room

Evolving consumer tastes have led to the emergence of novel non-thermal food processing techniques. These techniques help to address the undesirable alteration of food flavour, colour and texture during the thermal processing stage.



Freeze Dryer



  • Shelf area: 1.0 m2
  • Capacity: 20 – 40 kg frozen feed per batch
  • Sublimation capacity: Up to 1.6 kg H2O/hr

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) System



  • Allows for batch treatment of solids and continuous treatment of liquid products
  • Flexibility in changing the treatment parameters such as field strength, specific energy input and sample size
  • Capacity:
    • Batch mode: Up to 10 kg per batch
    • Continuous mode: Up to 250 L per hr

Blast Freezer



  • Capacity: Up to 85 kg
  • Blast Chill: from +90°C to +3°C
  • Blast Freeze: from +90°C to -18°C
Photo of Vacuum Dryer

Vacuum Dryer



  • Shelf area: 5 m2
  • Capacity:
    • Up to 16 trays
    • Tray dimensions: 650 mm (L) x 450 mm (W) x 50 mm (H)
  • Heating Plate temperature: 30 – 90°C

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