Small-Batch Production

Expensive equipment. Lack of quality facilities. High MOQ from outsourced manufacturers.

As a food manufacturer with big ideas, it can be daunting when you face hurdles like these.

We are here to help you cross these hurdles and turn your passion into a thriving enterprise. Our shared facility at FoodPlant is designed to make piloting and scaling of new food products affordable and accessible to you.

Take advantage of the pay-per-use arrangement of our preparation, production and packaging rooms, and food processing equipment. Validate your new food products and test their commercial viability before taking on a full-scale production.

Why Engage in Small-Batch Production?

When it comes to your food recipe, every detail matters.

Small-batch production allows you to make the necessary adjustments and finalise your formula before you move to a larger single-run production.

If you are a start-up or an SME food manufacturer, committing to small-batch production will help you refine your products in an affordable manner to meet your expectations. It provides you with the opportunity to ascertain the market viability of your product without being burdened with high upfront costs or minimum order quantity.

If you are an MNC, running this process with us will allow you to overcome high opportunity costs from stopping your current production lines to test new food products.

Small-batch production can be carried out at our FoodPlant facility for commercial production as well as product developmental works.

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Our Process

1. Engagement

During our project engagement phase, we will ascertain how our facility’s resources can meet your food innovation needs.

2. Assessment

Should your company intend to produce food products for commercial purposes, we will run the necessary assessment to help you meet food safety requirements.

If your food products are not meant for commercial purposes, it can be moved directly to the production phase instead.

3. Production

During this phase, we will proceed with small-batch production that will provide your food product a good launching pad for market validation.

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