Facility Overview

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Our FoodPlant compound is compartmentalised into rooms resourced with different equipment, each fulfilling a function within the food production / processing value chain.

FoodPlant is licensed by the Singapore Food Agency. Our facility is ISO 22000:2018 and ISO 45001:2018 certified, complying with the highest standards of food and workplace safety requirements.


ISO 22000:2018

Food Safety Management System


ISO 45001:2018

Occupational Health and
Safety Management System


Our Facility

Our 12,000 square feet facility boasts 12 rooms with specialised food production equipment, including:

Retort Machine

Provides commercial sterilisation of food to extend shelf life and storage under ambient condition by packing and heating food within flexible retort pouches or glass jars.

Twin-Screw Extruder

Employs both High Moisture Extrusion (HME) and Low Moisture Extrusion (LME) Technology to texturise plant-based protein into viable meat alternatives or snacks.

Spray Dryer

Equipped with an integrated fluidised bed to enable creation of products such as milk powder, instant beverages and nutrient-dense food to address elderly needs.

Pulsed Electric Field (PEF)

Provide food pasteurisation through short bursts of high voltage electric fields for microbial inactivation, improved extraction, drying acceleration, amongst other advantages.

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